• Art work created by school pupils from Blackness Primary School

    Blackness Primary School Art Work

    Pupils from Blackness Primary School were inspired to create colourful art works after their recent education visit to the Parliament.

    See their artwork here


    Blackness Primary School Art Work

  • Holly and friends listening to docking station

    Audio Resources

    Listen to our audio programmes to find out lots of fun facts about the Parliament.

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    Audio Resources

  • Timeline

    The Historical Path to the Parliament

    Discover the history of the Parliament from 1285 to the present day

    Our interactive timeline charts the development of Parliaments in Scotland from 1285 to the present day.

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    The Historical Path to the Parliament

  • Interactive education session

    Hands-on Experiences

    Our visits programme is full of hands-on experiences for students to really get involved with learning about the work of Parliament.

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    Hands-on Experiences


Come and find out about the Scottish Parliament. We've got games, stuff to help you with coursework, posters for the walls of classrooms and lots more! If you want to contact us, e-mail us or give us a call on 0131 348 5401.


Illustration of a ballot box and a gavel

SP Juniors

Are you starting to learn about the Scottish Parliament and the way it works? This is the section for you.

Illustration of a Chamber desk in a spotlight

SPotlight on the Parliament

If you are in upper secondary or above, studying the Parliament or citizenship or just want to know more about the way it works, this is the place for you.

Illustration of hands playing games


Try out our games to test your knowledge of the Scottish Parliament. Great for playing as a group, showing on a whiteboard, or testing yourself

Illustration of resources

Educational Resources

Download and reproduce resources for individual or classroom use. Some resources can also be used on-line with interactive features.

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Education Programmes

Our education programmes are run for schools, colleges and other educational groups who are interested in finding out more about the work of Parliament.

Illustration of MSPs windows under a magnifying glass

Parliament In Depth

If you want to find out more about the Parliament and the way it works, have a look at our in depth information.

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