Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee


About The Committee

The role of the committee is to scrutinise the legislation that will enable a referendum on Scottish independence to take place in 2014.  In particular, the committee's remit covers:

  • the draft “section 30 Order” that was laid on 22 October 2012 – The Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013
  • the Scottish Independence Referendum (Franchise) Bill, introduced on 11 March 2013 
  • the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, introduced on 21 March 2013.

Scrutiny of all these items has now been completed.  Occasional further meetings may be held, on Thursday mornings, to consider statutory instruments under either of the above Bills (both now Acts), or other items relating to the implementation of the referendum legislation.

There is no current business under consideration by the Committee at present, no Committee meetings are currently scheduled.


Current Business

Fees and Charges Order

The Scottish Independence Referendum (Chief Counting Officer and Counting Officer Charging and Expenses) Order 2014 was laid before the Parliament on 4 April 2014. The order falls within the remit of the Committee, but is not subject to any Parliamentary procedure, and there are no plans for the Committee to consider or report on the instrument.

Committee Reports

No reports have so far been published in 2014.