Work programme


Committee work programme

Welfare Reform Committee

The Welfare Reform Committee has agreed its proposed schedule of meetings up to September 2014. The topics that the Committee will be considering include draft reports on food banks and benefit sanctions, approach to Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill and evidence from the Expert Working Group on Welfare Reform.  The Committee will also be holding an evidence session with the Secretary of State for Scotland.

The schedule below sets out the meeting dates and the topics that the Committee intends to hear about at each meeting.  Please note these are provisional topics and dates and are subject to change.

A number of other committees within the Parliament have Welfare Reform within their remits, given the cross-cutting nature of this issue. A number of these committees produced reports on the legislative consent memorandum on the UK Welfare Reform Act and continue to undertake work that relates to welfare reform. The webpages of these committees can be accessed below.


For further information on the work of the Committee, please contact James Drummond, 0131 348 5208 or by email at: