Welfare Reform - Your Say

The Welfare Reform Committee is keen to hear from people across Scotland who are willing to give their views on, or personal experiences of, the new welfare system.


Welfare Reform - Your Say

The Welfare Reform Committee is keen to hear from people across Scotland on the issue of welfare reform. We want to hear from people who are willing to give us their views on, or personal experiences of, the new welfare system. We would also like to know about the concerns people may have with the introduction of changes to the benefits system which will be put in place once the UK Welfare Reform Bill is fully implemented.

The information supplied by you will be a great way to help us assess what the main issues of the current system are, and what the Committee should look to focus on when scrutinising the impact of the UK Welfare Reform Act.

This Act will see changes to the way that the benefits sytem in this country is operated, and these reforms will have an impact on everyone - from children and older people, to single parents and families amongst others. Through your input, you can be responsible for helping to shape the work of the Committee by contributing to its scrutiny of forthcoming legislation and holding the Government to account.

Any organisations that think they may know of particularly interesting cases or experiences should also be in touch to help us reach out to individuals who may not know how to get their personal experiences across. The Committee is here to listen and help people and disadvantaged groups get their message across

At the moment the Committee is interested in hearing about people's experiences of the following:

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

We wish to offer the opportunity for individuals to share with the Committee their experiences of Personal Independence Payments (PIP). This includes new claimants and those who are changing from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP. We also wish to hear from individuals and organisations that support PIP claimants.

We are keen to learn about any aspect of your experience of PIP including:

  • The PIP claim form
  • The PIP assessment process, including where your assessment was conducted
  • The Department of Work and Pensions decision on your PIP claim and payment of PIP

The Work Programme

The Committee is looking at people’s experience of being on the Work Programme, the Government’s main scheme for those on Job Seekers Allowance and Employment Support Allowance to get back to work.  The Work Programme is due to be devolved to the Scottish Government. In future the Scottish Parliament will decide what sort of scheme replaces it.

So what is your experience of the Work Programme:

  • Did it work for you, or not?
  • What is good about it?
  • What’s not so good?
  • Did it help you get a job, what sort?
  • Or did you end up with nothing?
  • What was the support like?
  • Did you have a problem with sanctions?

To get in contact with the Committee, please send your experiences to the following email address by 31 August 2015: welfarereform-yoursay@scottish.parliament.uk or if you prefer write to the Committee at the following address:

Welfare Reform Committee

Room TG.01

Scottish Parliament


EH99 1SP

Before submitting your evidence please read the Parliament’s Policy on Treatment of Written Evidence by Subject and Mandatory Committees

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'Your Say' Event

The Committee held an event at the Parliament on 7 September 2015 for previous 'Your Say' witnesses.  Follow the link below to read about it.

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