Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee


About The Committee

This Committee's work will focus on agriculture, fisheries, rural development, climate change, the environment and other matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs & the Environment.

The Committee normally meets once a week on a Wednesday morning.

Previous meeting papers can be found on the meetings page section of the website.

Current Business

Committee Meetings

23rd Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee Meeting 2014

Date: 23rd Meeting, Wednesday 20 August 2014

Location: Mary Fairfax Somerville

Subordinate legislation
Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013 (Specification of Commercially Damaging Species) Order 2014 (SSI 2014/176)
Protection of Seals (Designation of Haul-Out Sites) (Scotland) Order 2014 (SSI 2014/185)

The Scottish Government’s Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group
Evidence with the Cabinet Secretary (in his role as Chair of the Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group)

The Scottish Government’s designation of Marine Protected Areas
Evidence session with the Cabinet Secretary

Official Report of meeting 20 August 2014 (503KB pdf)

Committee Reports

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5th Report, 2014 (Session 4): Public Bodies Act Consent Memorandum on the Public Bodies (Abolition of Food from Britain) Order 2014 [draft]

6th Report, 2014 (Session 4): Annual report 2013-14