Equal Opportunities Committee


About The Committee

The Equal Opportunities Committee considers matters of discrimination relative to sex or marital status, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, language, social origin or other personal attributes, including beliefs or opinions on, for example, religion or politics. The Committee meets weekly on a Thursday morning; tickets to observe meetings can be requested from Visitor Services.

Current Business

Committee Meetings

19th Equal Opportunities Committee Meeting 2014

Date: 19th Meeting, Thursday 20 November 2014

Location: The James Clerk Maxwell Room (CR4)

Decision on taking business in private - Draft Budget 2015-16

Decision on taking business in private - inquiry into Age and Social Isolation

Subordinate legislation - evidence

Subordinate legislation - move affirmative instruments

Subordinate legislation - consider negative instrument

Draft Budget Scrutiny 2015-16 - evidence

Draft Budget Scrutiny 2015-16 - draft report approach

Official Report of Meeting 20 November 2014

Committee Reports

Read the latest report from the Equal Opportunities Committee

3rd Report, 2014 (Session 4): Report on Subordinate Legislation

4th Report, 2014 (Session 4): Report on Subordinate Legislation


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Clerk: Ruth McGill
Assistant Clerk: Ailsa Burn-Murdoch
Committee Assistant: Debra Gourlay
Email: equal.opportunities

0131 348 5408