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About The Committee

The Committee scrutinises the policies and performance of the Scottish Government and its agencies by considering  relevant legislation; conducting inquiries; scrutinising spending proposals; and carrying out any other work that it considers appropriate.

In practice, the Committee considers a variety of topics such as: 

  • early years and children’s services
  • school, further and higher education
  • lifelong learning
  • the Gaelic and Scots languages
  • culture and the arts.

If you wish to receive regular updates on the work of the Committee please email the Committee Clerk and you will be added to the Committee’s email contact list.

Current Business

Work Programme

The Committee has agreed its Work Programme (74KB pdf).

Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill

We considered the Bill at Stage 2 on 9 February.

College Reforms

The Committee will hold a one-off evidence session on 1 March. 

National Performing Companies

The Committee intends to hold a one-off evidence session on 8 March. 

Public bodies - Spending decisions and outcomes

The Scottish Government has responded to the Committee's correspondence that highlighted the main issues arising from the sessions.

Education (Scotland) Bill

Stage 3 took place on Tuesday 2 February in the Chamber. 

Scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2016-17

The Committee published its report on the Draft Budget 2016-17 on 7 January 2016. 

Attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment

The Scottish Government has responded to the Committee's report: Scottish Government response

Educational attainment gap

The Committee will conclude its work on the educational attainment gap by taking evidence on 23 February from local authorities and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.

Subordinate Legislation

The Committee will consider Scottish Statutory Instruments that fall within the subject matter of its remit.

Committee Meetings

5th Education and Culture Committee Meeting 2016

Date: 5th Meeting, Tuesday 09 February 2016

Location: The James Clerk Maxwell Room (CR4)

Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill - Stage 2

Subordinate Legislation

The Official Report of this meeting is due for publication by 6 pm on Thursday 11 February 2016.

Committee Reports

Read the latest report from the Education and Culture Committee

2nd Report, 2016 (Session 4): Subordinate Legislation

3rd Report, 2016 (Session 4): Report on the renewal of the BBC charter

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0131 348 5222

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