Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill


Stage: 1

A Bill to make provision about national outcomes; to confer functions on certain persons in relation to services provided by, and assets of, certain public bodies; to amend Part 2 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003; to enable certain bodies to buy abandoned or neglected land; to make provision for registers of common good property and about disposal and use of such property; to restate and amend the law on allotments; to enable local authorities to reduce or remit non-domestic rates; and for connected purposes.

Current Status of the Bill

Government Bill introduced by John Swinney MSP on 11 June 2014.

Stage 1

Lead committee: Local Government and Regeneration Committee

Consideration by lead committee:

    25 June 2014

    20 August 2014

    24 September 2014 (evidence)

    1 October 2014 (evidence)

    8 October 2014 (evidence)

Consideration by other committees:

    6 August 2014, Finance

    19 August 2014, Delegated Powers and Law Reform

    30 September 2014, Delegated Powers and Law Reform (evidence)

    8 October 2014, Finance (evidence)

    8 October 2014, Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment

Stage 1 to be completed by 6 February 2015.