Easy sharing on social media and improved display

We are making some changes to the online Official Report. New features include:

  • improved online display, with full formatting and list of attendees 
  • easy copying and sharing of links to individual debates and contributions via email, Twitter, Facebook and a variety of other social media platforms,
  • a link to a fully bookmarked PDF, with clickable contents for easier navigation, and
  • hyperlinks that persist when Official Reports are corrected and archived.


If you use a screen reader and previously used the html version of the Official Report, you now have a choice. You can use the online Official Report and click Expand All. Alternatively, click on View PDF to open the PDF, which is now fully bookmarked. 

Improved online display

  • attendees are displayed in both HTML and PDF versions of Official Reports
  • click Expand All to view all the contents of an Official Report.
  • click View PDF for the PDF version of an Official Report
Screenshot of the Official Report 


  • quickly create links to debates, questions and contributions
  • click Share to create a link with your chosen service
  • click Copy Link to copy the address for pasting - for instance, into documents or emails
Screenshot of the Official Report 


Bookmarked PDF

  • each item on the contents page is a direct link to a part of the Official Report
  • click the Bookmarks icon to view a list of links to parts of the Official Report (in some systems, if the left-hand pane is not visible, you can press F4 to show it)

 Screenshot of Official Report