Corrections to the Official Report

Members and witnesses may suggest corrections to the Official Report:

If a member or a witness is concerned that what has been reported is not an accurate reflection of what they said, they may contact us to ask us to review the report of that meeting. They may suggest corrections in person, by email, or by sending us a marked-up printout. Please do not send a track-changes file.

The editor will consider suggested corrections in the light of our terms of reference and house style. Speakers may not change the sense of what they said or make substantial amendments if what has been reported is an accurate reflection of what was said.

If approved, suggested corrections will be incorporated in the final archive edition, which is published in due course on the Parliament's website.

Members may correct inaccurate information supplied during a meeting:

If a member supplies incorrect information that the Official Report is unable to correct under its terms of reference, they may take advantage of the members' corrections mechanism recommended by the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee's 7th report (session 3).

TheĀ members corrections guidance gives more detail about the mechanism and how to request a correction.

Published Members' Corrections

View members' corrections to the Official Report