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Pizza Hut Smoking Ban
That the Parliament welcomes the recent announcement by Pizza Hut of a ban on smoking in all of its UK restaurants; notes that the decision was reached in order to protect staff and customers from the dangers of passive smoking; believes that, by making its restaurants smoke-free, Pizza Hut will have a positive impact on its business, and  notes that its decision is in response to customer demand for smoke-free restaurants.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Rosie Kane, Rob Gibson, Jean Turner, Brian Adam, Alex Neil, Mike Pringle, Jim Mather, Robert Brown, Shiona Baird, Nora Radcliffe, Christine Grahame, Michael Matheson, Donald Gorrie, Chris Ballance, Keith Raffan, Christine May, Margo MacDonald, Mark Ballard

Continuation of Grant for Headway Scotland
That the Parliament appreciates the valuable work done by Headway Scotland in the field of support for both brain injury victims and their families and carers; recognises the importance of the continuation of the existing grant under section 10 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 to Headway Scotland in allowing them to continue and improve the crucial role already being filled by them, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to give assurances that these services are allowed to continue, unhindered by fears over the ceasing of existing funding, by guaranteeing the continuation of this community care grant.

Supported by: Adam Ingram, Michael Matheson, Donald Gorrie, Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane, Fiona Hyslop, Rob Gibson

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland's Work
That the Parliament congratulates the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland on its important role in improving public health in the 19th and 20th centuries by helping to tackle air pollution, polluted water supplies, unsafe food and overcrowding, and supports the evolving role of environment health officers in the 21st century as they continue to contribute to the well-being of Scottish communities.


Supported by: Tricia Marwick, Stewart Stevenson, Kenny MacAskill, Rob Gibson, Linda Fabiani, Elaine Smith, Elaine Murray, Christine Grahame, Sandra White, David Davidson, Chris Ballance, Jim Mather, Alex Neil, Adam Ingram, Bruce Crawford, Eleanor Scott, Roseanna Cunningham, Margaret Jamieson, Jean Turner, Iain Smith, Donald Gorrie, Shiona Baird

Smoking Ban in Shopping Centre Concourse
That the Parliament applauds the decision by the Avenue Shopping Centre in Newton Mearns to ban smoking from the common areas of the centre; appreciates the rights of units within the centre to make their own decision, but points out that this decision is based on public demand, and encourages other shopping centres and the units within the Avenue Shopping Centre to follow the example set.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Rosie Kane, Robin Harper, Robert Brown, Richard Lochhead, Michael Matheson, Brian Adam, Mike Pringle, Tommy Sheridan, Rob Gibson, Eleanor Scott, Nicola Sturgeon, Margo MacDonald, Trish Godman, Donald Gorrie, Mark Ballard, Christine Grahame, Kenny MacAskill, Jean Turner

Congratulations to Michelle McManus
That the Parliament congratulates Michelle McManus on her achievement in reaching the final of Pop Idol; wishes her every success for the final on Saturday 20 December 2003, and is confident that she will continue to represent all that is good in Scotland’s young people today.

Supported by: Margaret Mitchell, Rob Gibson, Michael Matheson, Karen Gillon, Christine Grahame, Alex Neil, Tricia Marwick, Trish Godman, Jean Turner

Keep Smiling No One's Going to Die
That the Parliament condemns the cynical tactics of the tobacco industry and the advertising agencies that they employ in their attempts to recruit young people to smoking; congratulates the Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Strathclyde University for exposing the activities and attitudes of the tobacco and advertising industries through the publication of their documents on the internet at; considers that the use by these industries of language such as “keep smiling no one's going to die” to be totally inappropriate and shows what the industries think of their customers, and notes that once again the tobacco industry has been caught attempting to promote a product that is responsible for the death of 13,000 Scots every year, despite denials.

Supported by: Eleanor Scott, Shiona Baird, Sandra White, Rob Gibson, Carolyn Leckie, Patrick Harvie, Chris Ballance, Brian Adam, Michael Matheson, Jim Mather, Stewart Stevenson, Robin Harper, Mike Pringle, Shona Robison, Trish Godman, Irene Oldfather, Alasdair Morgan, Frances Curran, Donald Gorrie, Alex Neil, Christine Grahame, Jean Turner, John Swinburne, Tommy Sheridan

Pregnant and Productive: An Investigation into Pregnancy Discrimination
That the Parliament welcomes the first ever investigation into pregnancy discrimination which has been launched by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC); notes with concern that the EOC helpline receives more calls from women facing problems at work because of pregnancy than on any other subject; further expresses alarm that women have been demoted, disciplined or sacked simply for having a baby; strongly believes that the Scottish economy needs the skills and experience of pregnant women in the workplace and women returning from maternity leave, and calls on the Scottish Executive to act upon the findings of the investigation to put a stop to pregnancy discrimination.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Sandra White, Richard Lochhead, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Bruce McFee, Rob Gibson, Elaine Smith, Christine Grahame, Kate Maclean, Jackie Baillie, Michael Matheson, Jim Mather, Stewart Stevenson, Mike Pringle, Shona Robison, Shiona Baird, Chris Ballance, Eleanor Scott, Tommy Sheridan, Rosemary Byrne, Robin Harper, Jean Turner, Donald Gorrie, Adam Ingram, Fiona Hyslop, Colin Fox, Susan Deacon, Rosie Kane, Pauline McNeill

Smoking and Fertility
That the Parliament congratulates the British Medical Association (BMA) on its most recent report, Smoking and reproductive life - the impact of smoking on sexual, reproductive and child health; notes with concern the fact that women who smoke are three times more likely to have children with low birth weight and that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and death of the newborn; takes cognisance of the fact that over a quarter of Scottish mothers smoke during pregnancy; asks the Scottish Executive to take on board the remarks made by Dr John Garner, chairman of the BMA Scottish Council, on the fact that the Scottish Executive's target to reduce smoking has not changed despite the release of its recent Tobacco Action Plan, and, in light of these comments, urges the Scottish Executive to set much more ambitious targets for the reduction of smoking in this group.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Christine Grahame, Jim Mather, Bruce Crawford, Brian Adam, Shiona Baird, Elaine Smith, Robert Brown, Mark Ballard, Stewart Stevenson, Patrick Harvie, Rob Gibson, Rosie Kane, Eleanor Scott, Donald Gorrie, Robin Harper, Keith Raffan, Adam Ingram, Margo MacDonald, Jean Turner, Murray Tosh

Methadone Prescribing
That the Parliament expresses its condolences to the family of Craig Winstone who tragically died after taking a combination of methadone and valium; notes that during the Fatal Accident Inquiry the general practitioner concerned stated that she prescribed methadone to Craig without carrying out a urine test; is concerned that methadone prescribing practice varies widely across Scotland with no consistent approach between different NHS boards; calls on the Scottish Executive to help those working with patients with drug problems by ensuring that there are strong national guidelines in place for the prescribing of methadone, and further calls on the Executive to enforce minimum standards based on best practice across Scotland in order to avoid the possibility of differing standards resulting in avoidable deaths.

Supported by: Christine Grahame, Michael Matheson, Rob Gibson, Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Shiona Baird, Alex Neil, Sandra White, Trish Godman

A Recipe for Disaster
That the Parliament supports UNISON’s campaign to oppose EU plans for the privatisation of meat inspection: shares its concerns for the safety of Scottish meat if these plans go ahead; notes the recent report by the US Department of Agriculture on the failure of the privatised Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System-based meat inspection system in the USA and the fact that the EU wants to impose the same system on Scotland’s meat hygiene industry, and believes that the Scottish Executive should oppose this privatisation and fight to keep meat inspection in the hands of independent government inspectors.

Supported by: Bruce McFee, Carolyn Leckie, Rob Gibson, Frances Curran, Stewart Stevenson, Robin Harper, Christine Grahame, Adam Ingram, Tricia Marwick, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Brian Adam, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Patrick Harvie, Jean Turner, Mike Pringle, Sandra White, Roseanna Cunningham, Margaret Jamieson, Margaret Ewing, Fiona Hyslop, Kenny MacAskill, Donald Gorrie, Shona Robison, Shiona Baird, John Swinburne, Tommy Sheridan, Elaine Smith

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