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Police Resources and Special Events
That the Parliament calls upon the Scottish Executive to address the anomaly whereby Scottish police forces have to cover the cost of policing visiting dignitaries and other special duties from their existing budgets unlike the Metropolitan Police who were recently given an additional £176 million in 1999-2000 to cover such events.

Supported by: Winnie Ewing, Michael Russell, Tommy Sheridan, Alex Neil, Gil Paterson, Dennis Canavan, Margaret Ewing, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Andrew Wilson, Michael Matheson, Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Nicola Sturgeon, Colin Campbell, Irene McGugan, Donald Gorrie, Robin Harper, Nora Radcliffe, Kay Ullrich, Jamie McGrigor, Richard Lochhead, Kenny MacAskill, Adam Ingram

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Sign Language in Primary Schools
That the Parliament congratulates St Brendon's primary school in Glasgow on its participation in the Millennium Schools project, which taught the basics of British Sign Language (BSL) and deaf awareness, and invites the Scottish Executive to investigate the introduction of BSL to the school curriculum.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Fiona McLeod, Fiona Hyslop, Margaret Ewing, Kay Ullrich, Colin Campbell, Bruce Crawford, Alex Neil, Alasdair Morgan, Adam Ingram, Nora Radcliffe, Irene McGugan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Andrew Wilson, Tricia Marwick, Gil Paterson, Donald Gorrie, Kenny MacAskill, Lyndsay McIntosh, Keith Harding, Robin Harper, Shona Robison, Margo MacDonald, Winnie Ewing, Roseanna Cunningham, Duncan Hamilton, Andrew Welsh, Lloyd Quinan, John Swinney, Michael Russell, Tommy Sheridan, John McAllion, Linda Fabiani, Michael Matheson, Brian Monteith, Brian Adam, Nicola Sturgeon, Mary Scanlon, Bill Aitken

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 31/10/2000
Glasgow Regeneration
That the Parliament notes with concern recent reports highlighting the levels of ill health and poverty in Glasgow and the widening wealth gap between Glasgow and more prosperous parts of the country; believes that a co-ordinated strategy should be developed to tackle these problems and recognises that the injection of public investment is required for the regeneration of the city.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Andrew Wilson, Alex Neil, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Robert Brown, Donald Gorrie, Tommy Sheridan, Lloyd Quinan, Duncan Hamilton, John McAllion, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Linda Fabiani, Michael Matheson, Kenny MacAskill

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Glasgow Airport Direct Rail Link
That the Parliament notes the statement in the Association of European Airlines' report on air/rail connections in Europe that rail links should exist at airports handling three million passengers per annum; further notes that Glasgow Airport, according to the most recent figures, handles well in excess of four million passengers per annum, and urges the Scottish Executive to initiate plans to establish a direct rail link to Glasgow Airport.

Supported by: Kenny MacAskill, Andrew Welsh, Colin Campbell, Fergus Ewing, Brian Adam, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Shona Robison, Fiona McLeod, Nora Radcliffe, Andrew Wilson, Alex Neil, Kenneth Gibson, Michael Matheson, Lloyd Quinan, Linda Fabiani, Robert Brown, Adam Ingram, Nicola Sturgeon, Winnie Ewing, Duncan Hamilton, Michael Russell, Gil Paterson, Robin Harper, Donald Gorrie, Tommy Sheridan

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Asylum Seekers
That the Parliament notes the concerns raised at the meeting "Asylum Seekers Speak Out For Themselves" held in the Parliament on the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees, highlighting the poor living conditions and the lack of decent living facilities, interpreters and staff dedicated to work with and aid refugees, and calls upon the Scottish Executive and Her Majesty's Government to take urgent action to alleviate the poor conditions experienced by many refugees and to make contact with the agencies working with asylum seekers and refugees, to determine what action can be taken to alleviate their plight.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Lloyd Quinan, Richard Lochhead, Michael Matheson, John Swinney, John Farquhar Munro, Jamie McGrigor, Gil Paterson, Fergus Ewing, Donald Gorrie, Colin Campbell, Bruce Crawford, Margaret Smith, Margaret Ewing, Linda Fabiani, Kay Ullrich, Irene McGugan, Fiona McLeod, Fiona Hyslop, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Alex Neil, Alasdair Morgan, Adam Ingram, Winnie Ewing, Tricia Marwick, Shona Robison, Nora Radcliffe, Andrew Wilson, Brian Adam, Malcolm Chisholm, Robin Harper, Kenneth Gibson, Duncan Hamilton, Trish Godman, Margo MacDonald, Pauline McNeill

Glasgow North/South Rail Link
That the Parliament notes Her Majesty's Government's Spending Review 2000 and urges the Scottish Executive to allocate funds from the Scottish share of the review for the development of the Glasgow north/south crossrail scheme or any similar scheme which facilitates the linking of the Glasgow's north and south rail networks.

Supported by: Dorothy-Grace Elder, Tommy Sheridan, Kenneth Gibson, Michael Russell, Lloyd Quinan, Andrew Wilson, Alex Neil, Gil Paterson, Kenny MacAskill, Adam Ingram, Tricia Marwick, Robert Brown

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Glasgow and West Coast of Scotland Rail Infrastructure
That the Parliament agrees that the transport infrastructure of Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland suffers from the lack of a direct rail link to Glasgow Airport and a Glasgow north/south rail link; notes that these interrelated schemes would bring benefits to all of Scotland, improving the rail accessibility of all parts of the country, and believes that the Scottish Executive should implement plans and make available the necessary funds for the development of these schemes.

Supported by: Kay Ullrich, Margaret Ewing, Andrew Welsh, Duncan Hamilton, Bruce Crawford, Kenneth Gibson, Robert Brown, Nicola Sturgeon, Linda Fabiani, Robin Harper, Andrew Wilson, Tricia Marwick, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Donald Gorrie, Michael Russell, Fiona McLeod, Winnie Ewing, Lloyd Quinan, Kenny MacAskill, Alex Neil, Tommy Sheridan, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 15/11/2000
Rector of Glasgow University
That the Parliament agrees that the position of Rector of Glasgow University is one that carries considerable responsibility as well as bestowing honour and dignity upon the holder of the post; notes with concern the views of many students of Glasgow University who are calling for the resignation of the current Rector Mr Ross Kemp, on the basis that he has failed in many of his Rectorial duties, including failing to give the freshers' address in two successive years and to hold surgeries as promised, and therefore supports the students of Glasgow University and calls for his immediate resignation as Rector.

Supported by: Fiona McLeod, Kenneth Gibson, Fergus Ewing, Colin Campbell, Andrew Wilson, Shona Robison, Nicola Sturgeon, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Michael Russell, Winnie Ewing, Lloyd Quinan, Kenny MacAskill, Linda Fabiani, Margaret Smith, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram

National Asylum Support Service
That the Parliament notes with concern the continuing problems faced by asylum seekers and refugees entering this country; further notes the failure of the National Asylum Support Service (NASS), which is based in Croydon, to service adequately asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland who are often compelled to travel to Croydon for interview at short notice, and urges the Scottish Executive to make urgent representations to Her Majesty's Government to upgrade NASS in Scotland from one staff member to a full service in order to help alleviate the plight of asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland.

Supported by: Michael Russell, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Irene McGugan, Fiona McLeod, Shona Robison, Roseanna Cunningham, Nicola Sturgeon, Margo MacDonald, Alex Neil, Brian Adam, Tommy Sheridan, Kenneth Gibson, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Robert Brown, Lloyd Quinan, Linda Fabiani, Adam Ingram, Jamie Stone, Gil Paterson, Duncan Hamilton, Pauline McNeill, Michael Matheson, Nora Radcliffe, Margaret Ewing, Donald Gorrie, Andrew Wilson, Tricia Marwick, Kenny MacAskill, Mike Watson, Fiona Hyslop, Elaine Smith

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Partick Healthy Living Centre
That the Parliament congratulates Partick Community Association and the West Glasgow Local Exchange Trading System on the award of almost £300,000 of lottery cash from the New Opportunities Fund, the first award from the Healthy Living Centre Programme to go to Glasgow; recognises that the facilities provided by the centre will be a tremendous asset for the community in Partick and the wider area and commends the work of the Partick Community Association volunteers who have made this possible.

Supported by: Roseanna Cunningham, Nicola Sturgeon, Margo MacDonald, Margaret Ewing, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Tommy Sheridan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Colin Campbell, Fiona McLeod, Adam Ingram, Lloyd Quinan, Gil Paterson, Donald Gorrie, Kenneth Gibson, Robert Brown, Michael Russell, Tricia Marwick, Kenny MacAskill, Robin Harper, Andrew Wilson, Cathy Jamieson