Research Briefings by Subject

All briefings (from May 2007) can be browsed by date of publication.

Business and Industry

Coverage includes: business support (grants and loans), consumers, finance/funding, industry (including tourism industry), small businesses, utilities.

Culture and Sport

Coverage includes: arts, funding, gambling and lotteries, languages eg Gaelic, leisure, licensing, media and sport, tourism

Economy and Finance

Coverage includes: the Scottish economy, economic and labour market statistics, businesses, and public finance, including budgets and taxation


Coverage includes: adult education, finance/funding (grants, loans), further education, higher education, lifelong education, local authorities, pre-school education, qualifications, schools, skills, special educational needs, students, teachers

Environment and Energy

Coverage includes: biodiversity, climate change, countryside, environmental protection, fuels, land use, marine, national parks, pollution, power, renewables, sustainable development, utilities, waste management, water


Coverage includes: age discrimination, disability, equal opportunities, gender, human rights, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, sex discrimination

EU and International Affairs

Coverage includes: common agricultural policy, economic and monetary union, EU Budget, protocols and treaties


Coverage includes: diseases and medical conditions, funding, health education, health profession, health services, medical ethics, medicine, mental health, NHS, patients, public health, safety

Housing and Planning

Coverage includes: affordable housing, building, homelessness, house sales, housing stock, landlord and tenant, private housing, regeneration, right to buy, social housing, standards, telecommunications


Coverage includes: civil justice, civil law and procedure, courts, criminal justice, criminal law and procedure, debt and bankruptcy, family law, freedom of information, legal aid, legal profession, licensing law, property law

Parliament and Government

Coverage includes: central government, constitution, devolution, elections, local government (finance, legislative/administrative framework, policy), members, ombudsmen, parliamentary systems (other countries), political parties

People and Communities

Coverage includes: asylum, census, charities, children, children’s services, death, divorce, elderly, families, immigration, marriage, nationality, population, poverty, property, religion, social care, social inclusion, social services

Rural Affairs

Coverage includes: agriculture, animal welfare, Common Agricultural Policy, countryside, crofting, farming, fisheries, food, forestry, rural communities, rural housing


Coverage includes: aviation, fuel eg petrol, marine eg ferries, rail, road, shipping, transport infrastructure

Earlier briefings

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