Purpose of the group

To develop and enhance links between Scotland and Malawi and to provide a forum for discussion on these matters. In particular, the group will focus on links between the two parliaments and between civil society in each country.  In order to achieve this, the group will work with parliamentarians from each legislature, with Malawians living in Scotland and with other organisations working in Malawi.

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Agenda for Meeting 21 May 2015 (285KB pdf) 


Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Malawi Hon Consul for Scotland

David Stevenson

Pat Hiddleston

Joyce Nicoll


Scotland Malawi Partnership - Secretariat

University of St Andrews

The Chesney Trust

Church of Scotland

Eye of the Child

The University of Edinburgh

First Aid Africa

British Council

Royal College of Nursing

Scotland Malawi Business Group

Imani Enterprise

Woodford Foundation Scotland

Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth

Wickerman Festival

Christina aid

Developing World health

Glasgow City Council

Soko Fund

Mamie Martin Fund

University of Dundee

Lusobilo Orphan Project

Centre for Inclusion and Equity , Aberdeen

Eye of the Child

Malawi Tomorrow

Napier University



Dunblane Likhubula Partnership



Mercy Corps

NHS Forth Valley


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