Drug And Alcohol Misuse

Purpose of the group

Aims to examine the current policy and practice in responding to drug and alcohol misuse in Scotland and to advise on and promote the development of realistic, evidence-based responses, which could assist in the reduction of the damaging consequences of drug and alcohol misuse in Scotland.

Forthcoming meetings

The Cross-Party Group was due to hold electronic elections for office bearers on Monday 10 August. An e-mail was sent to all members setting out the positions for which elections were to be held, the names of prospective office bearers and the date by which members must vote for their preferred candidates. As there was only one candidate per position and no one else stood for these positions there was no requirement to hold the election.

Next meeting:

The Cross-Party Group was due to hold elections for office bearers on Monday 10 August. See the Group's page for further details.



Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Dr Oliver Aldridge

John Arthur

Dr Lucy Cockayne

Max Cruickshank

Iain Davidson

Kenny Harrison

Dr Mary Hepburn

Dr Peter McCann

Dr Eunice Reed

Dr Richard Watson


Alcohol Focus Scotland - Secretariat

Scottish Drugs Forum - Secretariat

Al-Anon Fife

BMA Scotland


SFAD (Scottish Families Against Drugs)

Turning Point Scotland

The Wellbeing Alliance

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