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Our disclosure log lists information that we have released in response to FOI requests. Since July 2008 we have also made the documents released available .

How to use the Disclosure Log

You can search for information from the Disclosure Log by selecting from the drop-down menus or by entering a keyword in the "Search Term" box. For example, if you are interested in seeing information released by the Parliament under FOI in the last month or the last 6 months, choose those options from the drop down menu for "Period". If you are looking for information released in a specific month, use the "Specific Month/Year" drop down menu. If you wish to search for information on a particular subject (for example "catering" or "allowances") enter the relevant terms in the "Search Term" box.

Having found the relevant entries, if you click on the "Details" button on the right hand side, you will be able to access PDF versions of the information released in response to the FOI request.

Information released prior to July 2008

Information released in response to FOI requests prior to July 2008 is listed in the log. If you wish to obtain any disclosures listed then please send an email to the FOI Mailbox citing the relevant disclosure number.

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Request NumberDisclosure Summary 
515306 Meeting expenses in relation to claim Q3001295 submitted by Jackie Baillie MSP Details
515006 Contracts awarded to supported businesses. Details
514806 No show charges incurred by MSPs for hotel accommodation in financial year 2011/12. Details
514809 No show charges incured by MSPs for hotel accommodation in financial year 2013/14. Details
514815 No show charges incurred by MSPs for hotel accommodation in financial year 2012/13. Details
514459 Information regarding specified claims for Edinburgh Accommodation made by Joan McAlpine MSP. Details
514460 No show charges incurred by Joan McAlpine MSP for hotel accommodation. Details
514464 Reimbursements made by Joan McAlpine MSP in respect of previous expense claims. Details
513473 Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games Details
512083 Frequently purchased beverages. Details