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You are satisfied that the issue you want to raise is a national one which the Scottish Parliament could consider and not a local issue, and you have attempted to resolve this beforehand. What next?

The online petition form is the easiest and most convenient way to create and submit your petition. First, you need to register and create an account. Your registration details are held only by the clerking team and are not made public. The only details that will be published is your petition and your name.

Registering allows you to easily save your petition as you go so that the information you add is saved. You can return to it when you want, or create another petition.

No special software is needed. Once you have completed your petition you simply submit it to the clerking team.

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You can also submit your petition by using the Word or PDF versions below of the petition template. This template is also available in a range of languages (see link below to the languages section of the Scottish Parliament website). If you have specific needs regarding the template, please contact the clerking team. Once you have completed the template it should be e-mailed to the clerking team (see 'Contact us' box on the right for e-mail address).

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Before you start

Before you start work on your petition, have you tried to resolve the issue perhaps by raising it with your MSP or appropriate public body e.g. your council, health board? Have there been any decisions or announcements on the issue maybe by the Scottish Government? If so, please give details. Have you gathered all the necessary information for your petition?

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If you need help or want more information contact the clerking team for assistance.

Contact: 0131 348 5254