Annex C - Objectives Relating to Environmental Performance

Annex C: Example Objectives relating to Environmental Performance


Assistant Clerk/Chief Executive

To provide leadership and direction for the SPCB’s Environmental Policy ensuring that the SPCB approach all of its strategic planning, risk management and decision making with the aim of minimising negative environmental impact.


  • Ensuring overall environmental performance of the organisation improves and strategic targets are met.
  • Ensuring appropriate targets are included in the strategic plan.
  • Ensuring Group and Office Heads are mentored in this area.
  • Increasing by knowledge of this area by attending at least one appropriate annual event / conference.

Group and Office Head

To ensure that group and / or office environmental objectives are included in the office operation plan for 2010/11. 


  • Ensuring two objectives are including in the office plans before the start of the new financial year.
  • Monitoring and reporting progress towards these objectives to the Chair of the Environmental Management Steering by the end of September each year and at the close of the financial year.

To ensure that environmental issues are discussed regularly at team meetings.


  • Ensuring environmental issues are discussed in a meaningful manner at least once a month.
  • Ensuring actions resulting from the discussions are allocated to an individual as appropriate and completed.

Project Leader

To carefully analysis the environmental impacts of the project and to reduce the environmental impacts where possible


  • Ensuring the environmental checklist is completed before the PID is submitted.
  • Ensuring that the potential environmental impacts of the project are discussed with the Environmental Performance Manager before the PID is submitted.
  • Identify two ways to reduce the impact of the project.  To be agreed with the Environmental Performance Manager.

Contract Manager

 To agree and implement environmental improvement actions for each contact.


  • ensuring one environmental improvement action is agreed by the end of June.
  • ensuring a report is received from the contractor on the implementation of the agreed action by the end of September.


To contribute towards the environmental objectives agreed in the office plan.


  • completing all actions allocated to me from the office plan by end of June.

To follow good environmental practice as part of my day to day work by reducing paper use.


  • monitoring personal paper use for the month of June
  • identifying a way to reduce this by 5% and monitoring use for July.
  • Attending environmental refresher course by the end of September.
  • Identifying one way in which environmental performance in the office can be improved and ensuring this is proposed to the team at a meeting by end of August.