Annex A - Objectives relating to Equalities


Assistant Clerk/Chief Executive

To provide leadership and direction for the SPCB to ensure that the SPCB is an exemplar organisation in relation to how equalities issues are mainstreamed and monitored in setting the strategic direction of the SPCB by:

  • Ensuring that the equality implications have been fully considered for all strategic and high level projects and particularly for those which I am Senior Resonsible Officer (SRO) during 2011/12
  • Encouraging staff through coaching to take forward agreed equality actions and to incorporate these into their operational plans in 2011/12
  • Contributing to high - quality scrutiny by SLT in 2011/12 of (1) progress made by the SPS in meeting equality actions and (2) planning for future years.

Group Head and those Office Heads not reporting to a Group Head

To coach and advise staff to improve their knowledge and application of equalities issues as part of the delivery of the operational portfolio or other work that I am leading on in the best interests of the wider organisation by:

  • Ensuring that agreed equalities actions are delivered as part of the operational plan for my Group/Office in 2011/12
  • Checking that equality impact assessments (EQIA) have been carried out, where relevant, for all corporate work I am leading in 2011/12 and that any outcomes from the EQIA have been appropriately addressed.

Team Leaders

To coach and advise staff in my team, to improve their knowledge and application of equalities issues in the delivery of my business area and the wider organisation by:

  • Contributing to the reporting of Committee Annual reports of how it has taken account of equal opportunities during 2011/12
  • Encouraging my staff to fully consider the equality implications with regards the accessibility of information for XXXX or the organisation of XXXX event on behalf of Committee members

Individuals below team leader level

To improve my knowledge and application of equalities issues, so that I can play a full role in the delivery of business in my Group/ Office area by:

  • Ensuring that I have fully considered the equality implications when organising the XXX public event/ meeting being held in the Parliament
  • Completing an Equality Impact Assessment for XXX and ensuring that the equalities implications have been fully addressed throughout all relevant stages of the programme/project/policy
  • Producing annual statistics on equality monitoring of XX policy/ XX service for inclusion in the XXXX Equality Annual Report by April 2012.
  • Ensuring that equalities has been incorporated into the XXX contract and that I have consulted with the appropriate offices to address any equality implications relating to the contract.
  • Taking forward the actions set out in the Race/ Gender/ or Disability Equality Scheme where I have been identified as the action owner and to ensure that these have been followed through, reported on their progress and met within the specified timescales.
  • Attending the Equality in Practice training and discussed my learning with my line manager (note: this takes place every three years for staff).

SPS staff performing additional corporate roles

Acting as a Champion to equality in my role as Dignity at Work Contact/ Investigating Officer/ Maternity Mentor by:

  • Attending regular Network meetings and giving feedback to my office/team on matters which are relevant to them
  • Promoting the network at office/ group level and encouraging others to act/ behave appropriately if someone is likely to be treated unfairly or placed at a disadvantage because of their background or circumstance.
  • Providing advice and support to other colleagues who may require it based on their situation/ experience.