1. The main function of the SPCB is to provide the Parliament with the property, staff and services required for its purposes.

To do so, we in the SPS:


to excel as a parliamentary service;


resilient, high quality, continuously improving services that meet the needs of Parliament, its members and the public;


Our principles of integrity, accessibility, respect, efficiency and agility.

2. It is important, therefore that we are responsive to the evolving needs of Members and public expectations and to allow us to do so we will be properly trained, informed, involved, motivated and rewarded. We will behave corporately to reflect the high standards expected of staff in such a high profile organisation and one to which we are proud to belong.

3. Our success in this depends on all of us sharing the common values set out in the Strategic Plan, i.e.:

 Value      What this means for us:
 Integrity     We act with impartiality and demonstrate high standards of professionalism when dealing with Members, the public and one another.
Accessibility We promote a culture of openness, fairness and transparency in terms of access to our information, our building and all our services.

We treat Members, the public and each other with respect at all times, in line with our equality and diversity principles.

Efficiency We actively pursue ways of  working which deliver value for money.                                                                                           
 Agility We work flexibly, collaboratively and innovatively in meeting the Parliametn's requirements.

4. To help us achieve all this we have a Performance Management system that has been designed to:

  • Be simple to operate.
  • Establish a clear link between business and individual objectives.
  • Ensure commitment to our values and culture.
  • Ensure that core skills and behaviours are reviewed.
  • Generate a thorough and continuing review of Learning and Capability Development needs.
  • Enable us to continuously improve the organisation’s performance. Ensure we can identify and acknowledge exceptional performance and contribution.
  • Clearly identify unacceptable performance and address it appropriately when necessary.

5. The system measures not only whether we do our job but how we do it. To do this we have a bank of 12 skills and behaviours from which Reporting Officers will draw down between 4 and 6 skills and behaviours against which we will be assessed. These will normally be determined by specific job roles but they may vary from post to post depending on the specific needs of individual staff. I, together with SLT and OMG colleagues, have decided that Parliamentary and Political Awareness will however, be mandatory for all staff in order to place sufficient emphasis on the importance of the provision of high quality services to enable Members to carry out their parliamentary and representative functions and their roles as employers. There are positive and negative behavioural indicators against each of the skills and behaviours to illustrate the ways in which we are expected to behave, and the ways in which we should not. The purpose of these is to aid you and your Reporting Officer to provide evidence to agree objective assessments.

6. Our Performance Management System is crucial in maintaining a culture of continuous improvement in an effort to keep our organisation moving forward. Our aim is to encourage initiative and creativity and give us the confidence to challenge our way of working constructively in an effort to improve organisational efficiency. I hope you find that this is so.