The SPCB's Performance Management System

In order to ensure that SPCB staff are responsive to the evolving needs of Members and public expectations we will be properly trained, informed, involved, motivated and rewarded.  To help us achieve this we have a Performance Management system that has been designed to:

  • Be simple to operate.
  • Establish a clear link between business and individual objectives.
  • Ensure commitment to our values and culture.
  • Ensure that core skills and behaviours are reviewed.
  • Generate a thorough and continuing review of Learning and Capability Development needs.
  • Enable us to continuously improve the organisation’s performance.
  • Ensure we can identify and acknowledge exceptional performance and contribution.
  • Clearly identify unacceptable performance and address it appropriately when necessary.

In accordance with the Equality Framework, SPCB staff will not discriminate in the application of these procedures in respect of age, disability, gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, trade union membership or lack thereof. Reasonable adjustments will be put in place, as appropriate, to support staff with a disability.

Comprehensive guidance on the Performance Management System along with the Appraisal Form itself can be found here.


An Introduction to the SPCB's Performance Management System

Before You Start

A brief description of the purpose and benefits of the SPCB's Performance Management System

Job Role and Objectives

An explanation of what is meant by "Job Role and "Objectives" and their purpose.

Annex A - Objectives relating to Equalities

Objectives Relating to Equalities

Annex B - Objectives Relating to Health & Safety

Objectives Relating to Health & Safety

Annex C - Objectives Relating to Environmental Performance

Objectives Relating to Environmental Objectives

Skills and Behaviours

Skills and Behaviors

Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Professional Development Plan (PDP)

The Process

The Performance Management Process


Frequently Asked Questions on the Performance Management System

Appraisal Forms

Appraisal Forms for the reporting years 2012/13 and 2013/14