Information and practical advice on how to apply

“The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and Senior Management Team of the Parliament are fully committed to tackling discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and treatment”.

The Application and Selection Process

Our recruitment policy is based on the principle of fair and open competition and selection on merit. Each application is assessed in the same way, against the same, agreed criteria for the vacancy in question.

Progress of Vacancies

You can keep track of what stage we are at with vacancies on our website at


We guarantee to interview any disabled applicants who meet the essential requirements for the job they’ve applied for. The essential requirements for this job are described under the section “Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required”. This means that if you meet any qualification or experience criteria that we have set, and are assessed as providing “acceptable” evidence of the skills and qualities asked for we will automatically invite you to interview. If you have a disability and would like to talk to us about any aspects of this job please get in touch using the phone numbers or addresses listed above.


Each application is given a score and a final short-list is agreed by the selection panel. The applicants that receive the highest scores will be invited to interview (with the exception of candidates who apply under the Disability Symbol Scheme who may be invited if they receive the minimum acceptable score)


We want all applicants to feel that they have been treated fairly, even if they are not appointed. If you have any comments or suggestions about the way in which this recruitment campaign has been handled, we would really like to hear from you.


Please do not send references or testimonials with your form. If you are successful, we will approach previous and/or current employers for a reference. We can only make a formal offer of employment once we have received these references. If you have no employment history we may approach any school, college or university you have attended.

Health Assessment and Security Clearance

If you are successful at interview you will be asked to complete a health assessment form. If necessary we may ask you to attend a medical assessment. Assessments are carried out by our occupational health supplier in the Parliament building. The reason why we carry out a health assessment is to make sure that the job you have applied for is suitable for you. It is also to find out if we need to carry out any adjustments to help you do the job.

Security clearance is required for this post. If you are successful we will ask you to complete a security questionnaire. This form will explain our security vetting policy. We can only make a formal offer of employment once the security clearance process is complete.

Visa and Work Permits

There are no nationality restrictions on who the SPCB employs. You must however check whether there are any restrictions on your stay or your freedom to take or change employment in the United Kingdom before you apply for a post. If you are successful at interview we will carry make a complete enquiry into your eligibility to work in the United Kingdom.

Equal Opportunities

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and treatment and to eliminating unfair discrimination in its employment practices. It will seek to ensure that all job applicants and staff are treated fairly, with respect and without bias. No job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment than others because of her or his: gender; gender identity; sexual orientation, marital or family status; racial group (includes colour, race, nationality, national or ethnic origin), religion, religious belief, or a similar philosophical belief (or lack of any of these); disability (unless such treatment is objectively justified); age (subject to retirement practice age); part-time or fixed-term contract status (unless such treatment is objectively justified); and trade union membership status/activities.